An Ode to Motherood!

Motherood is an invitation to continuous growth and a never ending expansion. A child will trigger and push you, and if you let it exercise it’s potentials it can help you to release your personal drama and ego and gain inspiration and love.

Just as the first wobly steps of a toddler, a grown child is still sensitive to your oppinions, and your support. Making it a challenge not to judge, but rather to learn and listen can be the most expanding and revarding experiences as a mother.

The bravery of taking new steps in to new directions without being shut out or shut down are major building blocks for a long and lasting ewolving relationship. A child is your child no matter how old it gets, and the route it will choose will always effect you. Good or bad, sometimes it will make your steps wobbly, and in the end it may reverse the roles.

Motherhood is an ever changing journey, sometimes what you expectetet to be a day in the future suddenly manifests as this moment. To be lead instead of leading is a like a dance of support, dialog and patience, and passing on to the next level, evolving and gaining the wisdom of your children’s teachings can if you let it prowide you with masterful potentials and insights.

If your child reach you an open hand, be grateful to be included, because the impact of the gratitude and closeness that follows can’t be messured in coins or verbalized in poems.

There’s no map for parenthood, nor for life itself, choosing a new path can scare you to the core, but if you’re invited, I challenge you to take one step away from your fear and one step closer to your heart, If your child asks for your company on the journey, take the offer!


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