You Choose!

Of all the ones that try to get your attention, of all the one that tries to cure you, heal you and sell you their perception, know that the more wolume, the more fear and threats they put out there, is only to prohibit you go within.

You not being in your core, not being aligned is not in your best interest because becoming aligned and comfortable in your own skin is flipping of the majority of the apps on your phone, it’s flipping off the ones that don’t want to take charge of their own lives and enegy. And it’s flipping of big corporations leaning on your naitvity and insecurities. All the noise and distractions will only do so much harm you allow for it to happen. Don’t let the screaming overwoice you, your attention is priceless, your attention is all it takes to either rob you or berich you. You choose!

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