When the guard comes down there’s no fear, no ego, and no more f… to give

Home is where my heart is, allways!

Bare 10 dager til neste gang, jeg kommer savne deg…

When the guard comes down there’s no fear, no ego, and no more f… to give.

Without fences there’s no space left for anything else but loving relationships, flow and high-frequency. My body fights off everything that don’t repor and leave no space for anything that won’t serve. I can no longer forse anyone or anything that doesn’t fit into my life or wholeness, I just have no say.

I waited almost 50 years to resieve the confirmation that the love connection I’ve allways has experienced with the wholeness also is possible in psychical relationships. I knew it all along, and I fought all who tried to convince me otherwise. I sure have had my roads to cross, I had to turn my back on energy thiefs and shed some ideals that were thrown at me. I knew all along that The Body Mind Spirit connection would appear in person, but when it first arrived I wasn’t strong enough to handle it. I experienced both myself and others try to talk me out of it and distracted me from finding you within you. I knew You long before I even met you, but I needed to walk the necessary distance to accept.

For the last part of the journey I realized that I had to let you and the idea of psychical love go … Painful at it was, I just couldn’t get my head around how to stay or to leave, I just had to surrender and let the universe take charge. To my surprise, by being willing to let you and the idea of You Go, I finally opened up!

4 years of 4 elements had to pass, now is the 5th year, and you’re in my dreams, you’re in my body, and you’re allways near, the connection can’t be described, or compared just enjoyed, just utterly and truly satisfying and fulfilling. After this, Love is just a small empty word, we are so much more and love is apparently everything!


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