Hei Everyone, join our live conversation!

Sarah is the UK Aura Mediator Instructor for the UK, South Africa, France and Switzerland.

In addition to being the founder of "Dare to Be", vlogger and being a huge resource in self-development, Sarah is a very energetic lady with a lot of passion and fire.

Currently, she holds a number of FB LIVE conversations with Aura mediators tm.

We will talk about what we are working on, our personal experiences with Auratransformation tm and the process after, with focus on what you can do to get more balance and grounding ...

It is incredibly exciting to be part of this series of conversations and I look forward to "seeing you all" on February 5th.

Book your calendar and save the evening for some good energy!

Monica is a trained yoga teacher, Auramediator tm and Coach and she holds workshops in Norway and Sweden.

Her focus is mainly to help people find their inner center, and she holds small groups of Yoga Nidra for self love and self-healing in the New Time Energy.

Monica says, "All yoga and guidance I do is based on my own journey from being exhausted and battled ME, traumas and simply being highly sensitive- HSP. Monica says, I have developed techniques to relieve stress and pain, and my approach is personal and easy to connect to.

Follow Sarah here:



Monica Charlott Rundqvist


Remember that UK time is one hour before us so you are in Norway we start at 19.30

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