Hi and welcome to all of my new followers!

I want to start of by introducing myself. My name is Monica and are located in Oslo, Norway.

Basically I’m a trained Yoga Teatcher, Auramediator and Coach and so far I’ve done workshops in in Norway and Sweden.

My focus is mainly to help people find their inner center and I do small groups of yoga nidra for self healing in the new time energy.

All yoga, coaching, blogging and teachings I do is based on my own journey from being bedbouand because of ME, Traumas and just being a Higley Sensitive Person.

I have developed a technique to help relief from stress and pain, and my approach is personal and easy to connect with.

I invite you to look into my web page www.yogamma.se

I know the page is in Swedish, but you’ll get an idea of who I am and what I do from the pictures.

I look forward to get in touch with you, and I wish you all a wonderful day and weekend.

All the best!


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