Hello World!

In week 32 I will arrange a Yoga & Hiking Retreat in Stora Blåsjön in Jämtland, Sweden.
I`ll be there from the 6 – 11 August so if you live nearby or just want to travel to the amazing land of Jämtland, I will receive clients for Balancing and AuraTransformation tm throughout the week in addition to our amazing Nature & Yoga Experience.
If you want to know more about me, check out my website, yogamma it`s in swedish, but you`ll get a feeling of who I am.
Born in Stockholm, I moved to Norway at 4 years old and spent 40 years in Norway, until I moved back “ home” to Sweden in 2014 a year after my Auratransformation and Auramediator Training.
I got my training in Norway in 2013 and since then I have been working with Auratransformation tm, treatments and yoga for Auratransformed in Norway and Sweden.
I am a qualified Yoga teacher in Norway and India and have worked full time with Yoga & Energy Coaching since 2012, and took Sennov Partners 4 Element Profile courses in Malmö 2015.
The last 4 years I`ve lived in Eskilstuna, wich is the number one music capital of Sweden. Now a days, you find me working in a school with children withs special needs/ superpowers, Age 7-10 and I love it, i just love working with and for the future!
I do not travel a lot in my work, so for the first time you have the opportunity to get treatment with me in amazing Jämtland in the north of Sweden.
So if you want to speed up the system, and surround yourself with some raw nature, this is your chance. I get a lot of positive response and praise from my clients, those who come to me are ready to take the Big Leap. So if you are ready for a Kick- Start and Say Yes to Life, you know where you find me.
Big hug!
Monica Charlott Rundqvist
mobile +46729046871
Check out my blog on: YOGAMMA – livet & bloggen
Tame birds sing about freedom. Wild birds fly.

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