Thoughts in Action

Littarly 30 min after I posted a love letter to our planet I found 1000,- SEK in my daughters bible.

Now I’m no fanatic religious person, but it’s fun to realise that in my quest to spread the word on how important it is for all of us to take responsibility for our own energy trough manifesting integrity in hour lives, It pays of!

It pays of to stay true to yourself and  to take responsibility for your actions. It’s your responsibility to take care of yourself and to love yourself. Not to love to gain, but let the true and honest love fill you and teach you right from wrong. I`m not talking about God, I’m talking about love without drama.
So many live their lives based of what they can gain of their actions and relations. So many hide behind well mannered behaviours ( even from their selves) but really empty you.
When I post that I wish for mankind to be marinated in love, it’s not a way to say «I bless you all and send you prayers & all of my love, healing & light». It’s a prayer and a suggestion for mankind to grow up, take care of their shit and owning up to your actions and stop using and living on other energy than your own.
This place we live in is just like life, not fair and in all fairness how to get most out of it isn’t by slide trough life by gliding on another’s banana shell, Dharma or energy. If you do it’ll create imbalance. Imbalance witch will grow out of propositions.
Wonder why you attract what you do, well then it’s time to take a good & deep look into that mirror. Stop looking for someone to blame it’s time to gather your loose ends.
It’s not easy to look at your self as a magnet, but you are. So again, gather your energy, ask yourself – is this what I’m experiencing really my own pain, drama & emotions. If not let go of it. If it make you feel empty and light headed, congratulations you have let someone else’s desires go, now it’s time to find out what you want!
Take a moment in silence and for once stop taking credit for anything but yourself.
Stop making it about you being the best, and the only one who gets it. Empty yourself, send back all that don’t belong to you, and then take back whats rightfully is yours. Not your children, family or partner, but your own clean enregy!
#gain #balance #now

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