I knew before I met you

I knew you were the one

I knew your touch

I knew your kindness 

Your smile

Your laughter and tears.
I knew you
I could feel you in my cells

Your skin

Your eyes

Your heart.
I knew long before you met you
That we two all ready had met.
I knew our ways would pass and I knew you could feel it too.
I knew all I had to do was to believe 

To trust

And never to resign.
I knew that day I decided 

That I would meet you and no one else.
I knew I already was loved 

With compassion and you would let me love all of you.
I knew you would see me 

Tired of all those who refused to.
I knew I would never love unless you could take it all.
I decided never to hide 

It was all or nothing

Nothing less
Me and all of my mess.
I knew you would have courage to love me
Even when I couldn’t love myself.
I knew we would breathe and move to the same beat



Space and freedom.
All those years I never caved in, where others saw madness I just knew.

Could feel you watching me with that loving smile, and I knew you searched the same.
April the third 2015 you stepped trough the door. I didn’t expect you so soon, so real even though I’ve waited since the the dawn of time… 

But you’re here and your mine!




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