Yoga Nidra I kväll!

Namaste yogis & yoginis! Välkommen till Yoga Nidra i IOGT Huset i Torshälla kl 19.00 - 20.00  Kom i håg varm filt och kudde, matta kan du låna i lokalen.  Anmälan gör du till mig på  Adress Lillagatan 7 Torshälla  Pris : Drop - in  kr 150,- Klippkort: kr 1350,- (10×) Klippkort är opersonligt … Fortsett Yoga Nidra I kväll!

I knew before I met you

I knew you were the one I knew your touch I knew your kindness  Your smile Your laughter and tears. I knew you I could feel you in my cells Your skin Your eyes Your heart. I knew long before you met you That we two all ready had met. I knew our ways would … Fortsett I knew before I met you

Love, in love, for love

#compassion  #empathy #acceptance None of this is awailable unless you start to practise self love!  Steps towards self love includes a daily practise of  playing  the "what if I'm sane game" and accepting your own madness... watching your own ego with kindness and laugh as the play unfold. Air out your dusty guilt, drag your … Fortsett Love, in love, for love