How do you heal a body with a croocked mind?


Some days all I can feel is pain, my body ache so bad.. . Or so good, depending on how you see it!

Whenever a scar is healing it scratches and turn into all the rainbows colors.  So maby it’s a good sign that my body aches, right? Because like any scar it heals, and then I shouldn’t try escape out and up, right?

Being in a body has never been favorite thing, nor safe, it’s always been since I remember from the age 4 a dangerous trap, and I’ve lived the most of my life way above, safe where no one can touch me. Or so I believed. .

Being in a body have taken me a long time to learn to accept. Not really sure if I have accepted it fully yet either for whom am I to say, as long as I have a mind, but I have my moments.  I love my body, or at least I’ve been in love with my body at times, but still I  have not respected it as it deserves.  So how can I heal a body with a croocked mind?

I’m not sure, for now I just need to rest in it and try to differ between belief and trust!

PS.  I borrowed this poster of @cfshealth and isn’t it the most beautiful picture of a paradox?  Being way up high was the place that made us fatigue in the first place, wasn’t it?

#cfs #gainhealth #backtolife #doyourwork #bodymindspirit #lovematters  #findyourpath #Eskilstuna #cfshealth

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