Process, process, process, why can’t we just play?

Why pay someone to lead us trough hours of pain in stead of just celebrating what is? I want joy, love, life, laughter! Sick of Gurus, sick of it…

Growing up in a contry where the tradition is to walk for hours, summer and winter to deserve a sweet treat. Climbing in snow, carrying backpacks of food and water, all in the name of rehabilitation to RELAX in a small cold shelter, without running water and electricity, in the mountains. I have given my best, everything, I don’t see why anyone of us need any more processes of therapy trough dance, screaming, whipping and shaking out more shit, just to fill someones need to teach, lead and coach. Do you?

How many retreats do you need, to finally except yourself, how long do you plan to jump from one diet to another, how many windows do you have to run trough until you see whats right in front of you? Do this shopping make you fuller, does it give you love, laughter and selfrespect? Find a mirror, stare in to it, if you don’t like what you see yet, slap your face and say, – hey, youre fucking great you know, lets party!

And that advice my friend is free…..



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