This Xmas intsead of gaining I`m loosing weight and old Habits…..

This Xmas I’ve lost weight instead of gaining!

Something has made me stop comfort eating. I don`t know what happened, I Just realized I found the key to Balance. What could have been my New Year’s resolution, turned out to resolve itself and become the greatest gift ever-

What a kick off for 2014


What I did? I simply just upgraded my daily routine, If you want to try, here it is:

  • First I start of the day with dry brushing and Jala-neti


  • Followed by a core and grounding yoga practise. I’m really into Shiva Rea at the moment and I use her DVD as an inspiration, being a Yoga teacher sometimes I need to surrender to other teachers and just stretch beyond my comfort zone…


I have just fallen in Love with David Deida and his work, being in this inspiriational mood, I find my self balancing in to a deeper state of my feminine side, just letting go for 10 minutes a day…wow, say no more 😉


  • Then it’s time to hit the kitchen to press fresh juice



This has turned out to be a daily  Antioxidant Energy kick off. Starting the day with this routine and drink have opened up a new universe of energy, it has influenced the way I eat throughout the day, and kicked me back in to taking care of myself!

And even stopped me from overeating and indulging myself in comfort food, I just realized I`ve reached the level-  without strict rigid self control and over analyzing ..

I really did`not plan to go on a diet, to lose weight or get this high on Energy and finally beat my Emotional Eating, all I wanted was to lose some stress with a new grounding yoga practise.

One thing lead to another, so it seems, it’s just like that, take the first step, and the rest will follow, and with this in mind, I wish you all a powerful celebration of the last hours of 2013

May love shine on your path ❤



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