«It is stretching time»


Lately, I`ve been so busy, all these processes hitting me at the same time, all day, all night, work, process, on call on duty.

But it is my life purpose to serve, to teach, guide and mediate, to hold space for growth, this is what I need to do…

In all this crazy busy time, in all this wildness I need my yoga practice more than ever, to ground, in to the body, down on the mat, and instead of turning my head to the sky, out in space for guidance, I go within, finding what I really need, the soil, nature, and the heartbeat in my family’s chest, the closeness of warm friendship, and just like that  I reach out for what I need, more than ever, and experiening to be received, so warm and tenderly…..

Good or bad, closeness in relationships, brings up what needs to be seen, I`m ready now, and still even when the pain of growing is almost too much, I find myself closing a chapter that is over, and I just reach out for those open arms and for a long and warm hug…..

This report below just nails it and sums it all up,  now is the time to include all your sides, to unite all of your life, you are all of these things that cannot continue to be separate, so it is time to stretch your heart, consciousness as well as your body. …. This is what we  call MindBodySpirit isn’t it?

it is now you really need to your practise your yoga…..

And the mantra is so simple:

Though my life is a zoo with so much to do,
I still want to be a good friend,
To do this I must remember that Love,
Is what it’s about in the end.

I wish you a powerful, warm and loving weekend, Namaste!


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