Need a Balance on All Levels with the New Energy?
I want to invite you to a Sacred road to Healing, in that manner I`ve been so lucky to be picked out to be one out of four students to be initiated in to pass on AuraTransformation™

I want to pass this energy on to you, so If you pay now, you will be given a really god deal, send me an pm and I will give you more information.

Normal prize for AT is NOK 3600.-
If you book and pay now before the 01.11.13 its only 2500.-

An AuraTransformation™ is a permanent and radical expansion of your consciousness, which reinforce your Charisma, Drive, and Intuition.

For me it is a enourmas change to live each day in gratitude and in a total flow of love, and still have both feet rooted in the ground, and to in this body, and live each moment in my own inner truth an integrety, whatever that will be.

This powerful energy is available for all of us, we don`t need a Guru, or hide in a Cave some remote place to grow in to bliss, its hear and now, I would love to bring you home!

For further information, send me an pm or check out the link below:

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