If this was the last Day!


If I were to look back at my life as if this was the last day, I would be so grateful that I finally explored what real love is.

I’ve experienced being loved without any intentions from my sisters that catch me when I fall, and hold me gentle until I truly can rise, in this light I see how blessed I am!

I’ve experienced being loved by a man so deep beyond dimensions, realizing this love has no boundaries, and finding my self safe to fall so deep in to my darkest despair and as I do so I realize this heals his wounds, and we hold eachother in this empty oneness, until we truly can rise, in this light I realize how blessed I am!

I’ve experienced that in the moment of death, I will surrender in to the arms of my beloved and trusted ones. And in the darkest hour there is no different between mine or your krises, we’re dying as the ego let go, and with intertwined hearths we realize that when we reach out and hold eachothers trough the pain, safe as a newborn, we will gently rise, so much richer, softer and wiser than ever before, in this light, I realize I’m truly blessed!



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